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What is VitOrgan?

VitOrgan biomolecular therapy is a successful therapy, with 60 years of history.

It bridges the gap between traditional medicine and the methods of naturopathic medicine.

It consists of  regulatory and metabolically active substances, to restore the balance of physiological processes affected by diseases.

In this way it is possible to treat the patient focusing on the causes of their ailments and not only to their symptoms.

It is not just about blocking, but about regulating.

This is the mainstay of vitOrgan therapy, which with its holistic culture and logical rationing, 

it treats the person as a whole.

Correspondingly, the metabolic processes of the different substances are not blocked or replaced, as is done in traditional medicine, but their regulation is acted upon:

through the activation of autonomous healing mechanisms.

Sometimes it is necessary to resort to stimulation, but it may also be necessary to achieve a suppressive effect, as in the case of excessive reactions of the immune system.

This is where vitOrgan preparations come into play with their corresponding effects.

In principle, the patient is released from his "passive" role and will take an active part in his healing.


The power is in ourselves, we just have to awaken it.

A cell that is no longer able to respond to the challenges presented by the environment, either by suffering a pathological condition or as a result of aging, will be able to recover its maximum metabolic and synthesis capacity if the corresponding inductive stimuli are provided.


The success of vitOrgan therapy

A physiological regulation at the cytoplasmic level must logically influence the cellular union in total - and with this the functioning of the diseased organism could be re-optimized.

In this way there would be no substitution or even a blockage of unwanted biological processes, but rather a regulation at the cellular level: smooth, and at the same time highly efficient.


This therapy is based on a principle according to this motto:


"Awaken the power of the cells"




The detonating idea for the development of VitOrgan therapy, came to Theurer in his research in zoology and veterinary medicine, because:

"Animals are not fooled by placebos"

Theurer quickly recognized the potential of veterinary medicine and human medicine that were mutually fertilizing; He took care of this relationship intensively in the long years of collaboration with medical and veterinary institutes.

Intensive cooperation with institutes of the veterinary school in Munich was developed, especially with Prof. Helmut Kraft, who made a name with numerous publications and also used and tested VitOrgan therapy "in his own body".


For him - as for many pioneers of medicine and research - it was obvious first to try the drugs on himself and to use his acquired knowledge for the good of four-legged or feathered patients.

Also at the micro level there is a system of identification codes. Prof. Günter Blobel, from Rockefeller University in New York, discovered how proteins reach their place of effect.


Proteins find their target location thanks to a signal code, which is read by receiver components. The signal sequences in all cells are in principle very similar between humans and animals and can even work in the correspondingly opposite system.

According to Prof. Bernhard Dobberstein, Heidelberg, the code is the same in all living systems


This has been used by Vitorgan Biological Therapy for almost 60 years to normalize systems that are out of balance in a physiological way.


Thanks to the Nobel Prize, this form of therapy was decidedly valued,

as Prof. Jürgen Seifert, Kiel intimated at the 2000 annual symposium

in his research on organic tropism.

 Vitorgan Therapie


Suitable preparations are chosen for the treatment and

an individual therapeutic plan is established.

VitOrgan dilutions are special homeopathic products in ampoules













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