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 Biomolecular Therapy

Pipette Inserted Into Test Tube

What is Biomolecular Therapie?

Is the therapy that aims to restore functions at the cellular level with the aim of reincorporating functionality in affected organs for the management of many acute and chronic diseases.


Where did it started?

Its origin is Swiss. Its creator was Paul Niehans; then it expanded throughout Europe and we currently use German products that meet all the health standards of the European community where these types of therapies have been used for more than 60 years.


Application Procedure

It is applied by injections and some preparations in drops and tablets for oral use.


What others uses does it have?

Promotes the immune system, improves the supply of oxygen to tissues, improves gastrointestinal function, helps the prevention of degenerative diseases, improves the quality of sleep, contributes to the modulation of mood and exhaustion and throughout Europe is widely used for rejuvenation treatments.

Revitalization is not a procedure only for the elderly, so it can be done at all ages, especially in adult life.

We now know that stress is the main risk of mortality and that emotional factors cause physical and mental exhaustion, as well as premature aging and susceptibility to very diverse diseases.

If we consider that modern life and environmental factors are increasingly affecting the health conditions of the population, we will understand why biomolecular therapy is recommended to executives, artists, professionals and all those people subjected to excessive work and physical and emotional pressures.


Importance of strengthening the immune system.

This system is the intermediary of the genetic code for the functions of:

• Defense against diseases caused by microbes and viruses.

• Detoxification of harmful inert substances.

• Recognition of the body's own cells.

• Protection against cancer.

• Error repair mechanisms in cell divisions


With aging or in certain autoimmune or low defense pathological processes,

either secondary (to immunosuppressive drugs, corticosteroids and other harmful factors), or primary (as in the case of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome: AIDS);

The immune system is affected as the cause of accelerated aging, increased susceptibility to recurrent infections, intoxications, non-healing wounds, autoimmune diseases and higher incidence of cancer.


Biomolecular therapy by means of cellular extracts of the Reticuloendothelial System, is revitalizing and preventive of the most important disorders in old age.


Most scientists recognize that the control of cancer and the degenerative processes of aging is to keep the immune system in optimal condition.


Pediatric Expectations


It is considered as a valid alternative to try.

Its use in cases of Down Syndrome, oligophrenia and growth disorders,  have reported by researchers such as Feldman, an evident acceleration of development in both the physical and intellectual and social spheres.


In these cases there has been improvement in the coefficient of intelligence, muscle tone and interrelation with others.

Of particular interest, it is to verify that intercurrent diseases also decrease and that psycho-pedagogical measures in children with mental retardation are also much more effective.


The best results are obtained in direct relation to an early onset and preferably before puberty.

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