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Sueroterapia Dr David Contreras

IV Therapy

The IV Therapy is a new medical alternative, in the homotoxicology,

the diverse pathophysiological processes that the patient has suffered

throughout his life and that have led him to suffer a disease are analyzed.

It is a technique used to complement treatments of basic and chronic diseases,

a positive evolution has been observed in patients who use IV therapy as a treatment,

Trace elements that have been lost in the course of disease are recovered.

This treatment consists of intravenous administration of a 0.9% sterile solution of sodium chloride,

enriched by different substances, as vitamins, minerals, according to the need of each patient.

The serum is prepared individually according to the disease to be treated.


This treatment is free of any reaction after its application.

This technique is highly recommended, to have high results.

 In the treatment of these diseases, it allows us to administer

a therapeutic scheme of several medications,

to restore Homeostasis lost by each patient.


Benefits of venously administered medications:


  • Synergistic action of medications.

  • Greater satisfaction and adherence of the patient

  • Immediate, personalized and faster response treatment.

  • For patient safety, all ampoules administered in serum therapy have an INVIMA registry approved for parenteral use 


Duration of therapy: 


Each session lasts approximately one hour, the number of serum

 depends on the need of each patient and according to

The disease being treated.

The therapy is highly effective because the effect of the medications is greater

if administered intravenously allowing

immediate effect at the cellular level and in the body.


The combination of medications is determined by Dr. David Contreras.


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