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Is it effective in 100% of cases?


Success depends on timely, early and correct diagnosis.


Yes it is effective, although its percentage of improvement, reactivation, rejuvenation will depend on early and timely treatment in each of the patients.


In the continuous and sustained intake of therapy, whether these are oral or their implants, since aging begins from the moment of conception.


What effects can the patient feel?


After taking or applying, three phases generally occur:

First phase:

It occurs in the first hours and days;

The active cellular elements are absorbed into the bloodstream and

induce a short-term improvement that fades in the following days.

Second stage:

It is called therapeutic silence; It can last 3 to 10 days after implantation, corresponds to the period that the cellular elements require for adaptation and integration to the cells of the host organism.

In this period the patient usually does not notice apparent improvement.

(although some report it from early periods).

Third phase:

It is the state of revitalization or reactivation of functions;

It starts from 1 to 3 weeks and lasts from 4 to 12 months.

During this period, the therapeutic objective sought is notorious, there is above all renewed vitality, functional capacity, greater improvement in the general condition.

The reactivation of health is manifested in an increase in appetite, improvement in weight, disappearance of weakness, increase in physical and mental capacity, in a better mood.

When the problem is organic, an improvement in the function of these organs is evident.

The final effect can and should last from several months to several years, depending on self-care, healthy lifestyles, it is important to take the pills according to the sex of each patient.


Does it produce harmful effects or allergic reactions?


The vast experience reported, does not indicate damage of any kind or allergic reactions in recipient patients, is considered harmless.

The risk lies in people who, without following the correct production standards, can transmit a disease or produce an allergic reaction;

In these cases the problem is not in itself in BIOMOLECULAR THERAPY, but in people lacking scruples, seriousness and honesty that put them up for sale.


Does it produce unwanted or contrary effects?


So far the literature does not refer them.

The unwanted ones are those produced by injection such as pain,

rash erythema at the localized level and in very isolated cases fever.


After the use of therapy, what should be done?

Healthy and balanced nutrition accompanied by exercise is very important

in order to contribute to clinical improvement.


How often should a Biomolecular implant be placed?


According to the disease being treated if it is acute or chronic,

it is in a range of one to six months.

What will be the attitude of your attending physician when they ask for your opinion about Biomolecular therapy?

It is very logical that patients ask their doctors about this type of treatment,

the answers will be very variable and will depend on the criteria and the human

and professional quality of the doctor;

those who have studied the technique, even when they practice it,

will express mostly favorable opinions.

Only those who do not know or have had vague information

or unreliable means will respond - if they are sincere -

who cannot say something they do not know,

or based on their ignorance, will reject it, even condemn it.

The medical body for the most part, is poorly informed of the importance, seriousness and possibilities of this method of great boom in Europe.


Conformism, denial, systematic rejection of ignorance and arrogant attitudes of contempt are not scientific attitudes that correspond to a good doctor.


For doctors willing to expand their horizons, there are brochures, books and a number of information agencies at their disposal.


Are there serious scientific studies that are

being carried out in the world on this treatment?

There are more than 5,000 doctors who use this technique in the world.

There is an "International Biomolecular Therapy Society" in Germany, dedicated to the study and dissemination of all the advances.

 Europe holds congresses, usually of a high level and collaborates with institutes such as the Rockefeller of New York. Dr. Paul Weiss of this Institute concludes that the key to explaining the regenerative effects of specific organs of biomolecular therapy derives from inherent factors of the cell itself.


There are books, magazines, more than 900 scientific publications and medical reports that demonstrate their effectiveness and success in a high percentage of cases, as well as the absence of effects in a certain number of them.


Is there any reference to the degree of effectiveness and

/ or the deficiencies of current pharmaceutical therapy?


The following is a statement from the Association of

Pharmaceutical Industries A.C. (AMIF) in 1986:

“Of the existing diseases, only 30% can be cured,

as for the remaining 70%, you can only combat

your symptoms or you are almost helpless against them.

That is why the impression that the therapeutic arsenal is already complete and needs only to cover small gaps, is wrong.

It is essential to promote research, clarify the origin of diseases,

discover effective substances and develop new medications.


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