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Health & Beauty


The aging process of each skin begins with the loss of moisture.

Wrinkles develop, the skin loses its hydration and elasticity.

Harmful environmental influences and free radicals accelerate aging.

The skin becomes brittle, cracked, wrinkled and flaccid.

With the specially prepared cell extracts of Regena Ney Natural Active Ingredient Care,

we can support the skin repair mechanisms.

This activates the processes of healthy skin itself and strengthens skin cells.

Natural active ingredient cosmetics were developed

by VitOrgan according to patented procedures and is an innovation in dermatology.

Exclusive cell extracts in the care of natural active ingredients support

the skin in all phases of its renewal and strengthen it against the effects

of aging and harmful environmental influences.

Why not use the biological factors that are used for cell regeneration, to stay young?


Irene Theurer, of French origin, cares about maintaining her health and beauty until an advanced age.

The well-known saying "Healthy men in the healthy body" affects their lives: this gave rise to the creation of the Regena Ney business subsidiary, with its high-quality cosmetics based on biological factors and nutritional supplements with vitamins, trace elements and secondary plant chemicals .

We display your beauty


The throbbing life also likes to bloom in the hidden.

Mitochondria, our "cellular energy plants," are an impressive example of this.

According to the endosymbiosis theory, our cells

integrated prokaryotes with the ability to breathe and appropriated their services.

A transfer substance of vital importance for the respiration chain

in mitochondria is co-enzyme Q10, which is now everyone's mouth.


Since then, we have already taken the initiative and offered it first to our customers, with our cosmetics, which combine ingredients of natural origin.

Likewise, we know that true beauty comes from within and this is best achieved

with biological factors that help cell regeneration, restoring the youth of your skin, endogenously.

The true beauty comes from within but anyone

also wants to express the attractiveness outward.


This is best achieved with biological factors that help cell regeneration.


Nutrition and Prevention



VitOrgan offers the accompaniment of the therapy:

with a palette of nutritional supplements, for each one individually.

Global research and the evaluation of international studies and meta-analysis, offer the fifth essence for the development of nutritional supplements, which are excellently tuned to the corresponding need.

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