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What is Biomolecular Therapie?


Biomolecular therapy is a therapy aimed at stimulating the cellular functioning of the affected organs.

It acquires its importance when it is considered that its action is not based on chemical synthesis products, generally alien to the human organism, but on cellular elements that are similar or common to all higher species and that can cooperate for the desired health improvement.


 Biomolecular therapy is a biological treatment of the whole organism.

It restores health and vitality to the diseased body, providing trillions of cells with effective therapeutic elements, contained in the cells of tissues extracted from cellular extracts of Biosynthesis material.


1. A correct diagnosis is essential for success; Practical purposes have been established with categories and indications where greater effectiveness has been proven.


2. Its objective is to stimulate, activate, repair or regenerate insufficient organ cells, deficient or damaged by pathological conditions, taking advantage of the residual capacities of the organism.


3. It is a natural treatment that treats the body without side effects, while chemical treatments only act while they are eliminated by physiological processes.

Every chemical molecule can have side reactions and toxic effects in the human body.


Biomolecular therapy has long lasting effects and breeds self-healing reactions.


The strategy involves 3 or more different simultaneous applications in the same session.

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